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Interesting Grasshopper Facts


Grasshoppers are a superfamily of Orthoptera insects from the suborder of Long-billed, living on all continents of the Earth except Antarctica. They have two pairs of wings - the first pair of leathery elytra with straight veins, the second pair of membranous wings, folding fan, on which the veins are located directly. Their hind legs are hopping, and the mouth apparatus is gnawing. What interesting facts from the life of grasshoppers can we give as an example for acquaintance with these insects?

  1. Many of the grasshoppers have organs of hearing (on the front legs) and sound (the sound is obtained as a result of friction of the parts of the elytra, on one of which there are “mirrors”, and on the other “bow”). In most species of grasshoppers, only males sing, females do not have a “mirror”, but there is an ovipositor. Efippiger females, wingless grasshoppers, can also chatter.
  2. Most grasshoppers have a green or brown color, however, the Madagascar grasshopper is painted very brightly. They can also change their color depending on the color of the environment, so the color of these insects is impossible to identify.
  3. Grasshoppers can bounce up to 20 times their body length. And although they have wings, they usually move with the help of jumping long hind limbs. Their jump replaces the flight, because in the process they practically without the help of the wings “fly” over a huge distance.
  4. Grasshoppers are not all purely herbivorous insects; they can feed on tapeworms, fruit flies, and other members of their superfamily and can bite a person painfully. Some of them have a stranglehold, and you can only detach such a grasshopper from the body by opening its jaws with a penknife. However, there are species that feed exclusively on grass.
  5. Grasshoppers weigh only about 2–3 grams, however, they can repel from the substrate with a force of up to 30 grams.
  6. The closest relatives of the grasshoppers are the locusts and crickets, whose whiskers are much shorter than the first. Locusts have a more powerful oral apparatus, and the ability to mass reproduction and migration, her females do not have an ovipositor.
  7. Grasshoppers feel great not only in the steppes, but also in the humid tropical forests, tundra, mountains and deserts.
  8. 8. Grasshoppers are eaten by lizards, amphibians, meerkats, rodents, birds and even larger species of grasshoppers (for example, holes), because they have to resort to the help of mimicry and protective coloring.
  9. If you catch a grasshopper - efippiger, then she begins to allocate drops of blood from the joints. And the North African efgaster accurately shoots a trickle of blood from the joints in the direction of the enemy. Some species in case of danger emit a liquid with an unpleasant odor.
  10. In grasshoppers of the holes, males are extremely rare. Their females breed through parthenogenesis - laying unfertilized eggs.
  11. All grasshoppers have a longer mustache than the body.
  12. Grasshoppers live only a few weeks. Grasshopper larvae are born from the soil or from under the bark of a tree. They have to get out of the soil with great difficulty, since they move only in a straight line and if a stone meets in the way, the larva will not reach the surface. Only 10 percent of the larvae get out of the depths and continue to live.

Grasshoppers are the oldest insects on Earth. Since its inception, they have not changed at all. However, we still know very little about their lives.

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Grasshoppers are small and incredibly jumping insects, which most of us tried to catch in our distant childhood, traveling somewhere outside the city. But to catch them is very difficult - these fearful creatures are extremely careful, and with the slightest alarm they instantly fly away to a decent distance, so quickly that it is almost impossible to trace their jump.

Different types of grasshoppers live literally everywhere - in the cold northern tundra, in high mountain meadows, and in tropical rainforests.

There are vegetarians among grasshoppers, but some species prefer to hunt other insects.

In most species of grasshoppers, only males can chatter.

The hearing organs of these creatures are located on the forelegs.

Grasshoppers are able to overcome the distance exceeding the length of their own body twenty times with one leap.

An ordinary grasshopper, widespread in central Russia, weighs only two to three grams.

The grasshopper living in North Africa, in case of danger, can "shoot" at the enemy with his own blood in order to disorient him and in the meantime escape.

Grasshoppers mustache is longer than their body.

Only one out of ten grasshopper larvae is successfully selected from underground to surface. They can only move in a straight line, and if an obstacle meets an obstacle, it dies.

The average lifespan of a grasshopper is only about two weeks.

Currently, more than twenty thousand different species of grasshoppers are known.